You Don't Pay Unless Your Attorney Wins!

At Gerber Law, Sarasota Personal Injury Attorney Maria Gerber is so confident in her abilities that she doesn't take money from her clients up front. She understands that you have a lot of financial burdens concerning your injury, and she doesn't want you to feel overwhelmed by attorney costs. She won't even ask for money out of pocket!

How Contingency Fees Work

At Gerber Law, Ms. Gerber sets a percentage of the recovery as her contingency fee. When she secures a settlement or verdict in your case, she will pull the amount that she agreed upon based on the percentage. This means you will never need to pay her out of your own bank account.

This not only benefits you upfront, but it also helps keep Ms. Gerber motivated. The harder she works, the more likely she is to get a higher settlement or verdict, which means her pay will be higher. Ms. Gerber understands that if she does a poor job and does not succeed in securing financial compensation for you, then she will not get paid. Ms. Gerber doesn't want to waste her time or yours, so she strives to do everything possible in hopes of getting you the highest settlement she can.

Have Confidence in Your Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyer

Ms. Maria Gerber is capable of litigating and negotiating with major insurance companies or with liable third parties in a wide variety of personal injury claims. She understands personal injury of law. Ms. Gerber has also prosecuted thousands of criminal cases and tried over 100 jury trials in her legal career. She uses this experience in the courtroom to translate into her personal injury efforts.

Attorney Gerber will always work for the plaintiff and will never represent insurance companies in these cases. Let her help you today and take comfort in her risk-free contingency plans.

Call right away to secure a free case evaluation with Attorney Maria Gerber!