Things You Need to Know About Personal Injury in Sarasota

Even a minor personal injury accident can be a traumatic experience. Whether you or a loved one have been hurt in because of a car accident, a boating accident, a slip and fall accident or because you have sustained an injury due to another's negligence, you could end up hurt, embarrassed and confused about what to do next.

If another person or a company caused an accident and injured you, your spouse or your child, you should consult with a Sarasota injury lawyer, even if your injury seems minor. Other important things you should understand about personal injury accidents include:

  • Severe injuries can manifest months or even years after an accident, even if the injuries seemed insignificant at first.
  • You should not suffer because of someone else's negligence.
  • Someone else may be responsible for your medical bills, even if they are small.
  • Someone else may be responsible for your lost wages if you miss work because of your injuries.
  • Someone else may be responsible for your future medical expenses.
  • You should ask your doctor questions about your injury, your prognosis and your treatment to make sure you really understand what happened and what is to come.
  • You should keep track of how you feel after the accident and during your treatment - keep a journal and be honest with yourself. Is your injury really that mild, or are you trying to avoid inconveniencing or worrying your family
  • Your family members may notice changes in your behavior and moods that you cannot discern.
  • Your insurance company will pay you the absolute minimum the law and your policy requires, and may even try to get away with paying you nothing.
  • Your insurance company will offer you a final settlement within hours or days of your accident, before you really know the true extent of your injuries.
  • If you are in a car accident and the other driver is underinsured or has no insurance, your insurance company might leave you high and dry if you do not have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • There are physicians who can help treat your injuries regardless of whether you have health insurance or can pay out of pocket.
  • In most cases, Gerber Law can assist you in ensuring you get a rental car.

Sarasota injury attorney Maria Gerber and her staff at Gerber Law can help you immediately with a FREE consultation and evaluation of your case. No matter what type of accident caused your injury, if there is a successful way to bring your case to justice, Ms. Gerber will find it!

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