What to Do After an Accident

Our Sarasota Injury Lawyer Provides Advice

Car accidents happen without warning, and the shock of the accident can alter a person's thinking and actions. After an accident, one should remain cool and calm. Understand it is difficult to recall and recount precisely what occurred immediately following an accident. Therefore, do not admit fault until and unless you are certain you are to blame. Insurance companies have lawyers looking out for their interests, but who is looking out for yours? Sarasota injury attorney Maria Gerber and her staff at Gerber Law provide compassionate representation for victims of auto accidents and serve as aggressive advocates of their interests.

Follow these instructions if you find yourself involved in an accident:

  • Call 911. If a person is injured, tell them to send medical help.
  • Exchange information. This includes the other driver's insurance and the names and numbers of any witnesses, as not all witnesses wait for police to arrive. Be cordial and concerned, but do not apologize or admit fault. Insurance companies will use any admissions of guilt, including apologies, against you.
  • Take pictures. If possible, take pictures of the accident with the cars in the original positions in addition to pictures of damage from a variety of angles. Photograph any injuries or bruises on your own body as they develop.
  • Go to the emergency room. If you did not go to the ER immediately after the accident, see a physician on the day of the accident or shortly thereafter.
  • Remain silent. Do not speak with the other driver's insurance company. Any contact or interviews should only be done with your own attorney present.
  • Collect documentation. This includes all paperwork related to the accident, witness information, insurance claims and medical bills.
  • Consult with a lawyer. A Sarasota injury lawyer will be your advocate and ensure your best interests are protected. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers working to settle your claim for as little as possible. You deserve a lawyer who works for you.

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