Helping the Injured in Sarasota

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Gerber Law understands the trials that come with a serious injury. Whether you broke a bone, suffered brain trauma, or were diagnosed with a disease or ailment related to an injury, Sarasota Personal Injury Attorney Maria Gerber can help.

Ms. Gerber knows that injuries can be life-changing, leaving you with chronic conditions, severe deformities, scarring, or a dependency on medication and therapy. In addition to this, injuries can be emotionally devastating. You may miss important milestones in your life or lose your job because of your injury.

How Gerber Law Can Help

Ms. Gerber takes a customized approach to personal injury cases. She will sit down with you and determine whether it is better to work with the insurance company and negotiate for a higher settlement. If this is not effective, then she may be able to litigate.

Attorney Gerber can help make sure that you get full and appropriate PIP coverage, UM coverage, or Medpay coverage as necessary. She also handles wrongful death cases and is willing to litigate against third parties in personal injury claims.

Some of Ms. Gerber's many personal injury practice areas include:

You Won't Pay Unless Your Attorney Wins - Free Evaluation

Gerber Law operates on a contingency fee basis. This allows Ms. Gerber to provide you with excellent service without requiring "gamble" payments. Attorney Gerber understands that you are hiring her in hopes of achieving success in your case.

If your Sarasota injury lawyer isn't able to secure a settlement or verdict for you, you will be frustrated at spending money on something that didn't prove to be rewarding. Ms. Gerber wants to eliminate that risk for her clients. She only accepts payment out of a set percentage from your winnings. This means you won't have to pay her out of pocket and you won't ever have to worry about investing in an attorney who doesn't end up succeeding in your case.

Call Ms. Gerber at her Sarasota or Venice office today if you would like to set up a free case evaluation with a professional personal injury attorney.