Aviation Accidents

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Aviation Accident

Surviving family members often have questions concerning what caused a plane crash. What caused the accident, could it have been prevented, and what are their rights? Insurance representatives will often try to discuss the crash with you and may even ask you to sign documents while you are emotionally distressed.

You do not have to face this alone. Maria Gerber will represent you in a personal, yet aggressive manner that gets results.

Sarasota injury attorney Maria Gerber and Gerber Law can help you get the answers you deserve and protect your best interests. Maria Gerber is committed to helping Florida plane crash victims and their families receive justice from the responsible parties.

Causes of Airplane Crashes

While bad weather and turbulence sometimes contributes to aviation accidents, crashes are often foreseeable and avoidable. A skilled pilot can navigate through turbulence and will know when to land and when to keep flying; a well-assembled and well-designed plane can handle poor conditions. When a pilot makes an error or an aircraft has a design or manufacturing defect that causes a crash, someone may be to blame, despite bad weather or turbulence. If a pilot or an aircraft manufacturer, maintenance provider and/or owner has failed to make aviation safety a priority, justice requires that victims are compensated for personal injury and wrongful death.

Plane Accident Investigations – You Must Act Now!

Evidence is crucial in aviation accident cases, and the most important evidence is the remains of the aircraft itself the plane must be preserved as evidence. Without the plane, victims may be unable to prove what happened, how it happened and who is responsible. Accident reconstruction is crucial in an aviation accident, because the how and the why are what will determine whether the victim and the victim's family has a valid claim, and against whom.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigates plane crashes after they occur. Once the NTSB conducts its investigation, you must move quickly to ensure that your right to inspect the aircraft is honored. In many cases, particularly if the pilot died in the crash, the NTSB will destroy the plane as soon as it completes its investigation.

Airplane accident victims and the families of those who died in plane crashes should seek advice from a lawyer. An attorney who knows the law surrounding plane crashes and the procedure for investigating airplane accidents will quickly gain access to the aircraft and copies of the NTSB airplane accident reports and records. Because aircraft accidents involve many different issues who is at fault, how the crash occurred, what caused the crash retaining an experienced, knowledgeable attorney is necessary to properly submit your claim for compensation.

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