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Auto Accidents in Sarasota, FloridaFlorida is a state with crowded roads, failing infrastructures, and inclement weather, as well as distracted and intoxicated drivers on the roads, many Floridians are injured or killed in automobile accidents each year. At Gerber Law, Attorney Maria Gerber wants to help injured drivers and passengers recover both physically and financially.

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Common Causes of Auto Accidents

Some of the most common causes for car accidents include:

One of the most common causes of accidents is distracted driving. Drivers who are fiddling with their cell phones, using their iPods, or using a GPS system may be unaware of what is going on around them on the road. As a result, they can become involved in terrible crashes.

Types of Automobile Accidents

Ms. Gerber understands how to handle lawsuits and claims for any of these types of accidents:

  • Rollover accidents
  • Rear-end accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • T-bone accidents
  • Single-car crashes
  • Sideswipe accidents

What to Do After an Accident

1. Seek Medical Attention
If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately. You may be able to obtain all the information you need on a police report for your lawsuit.

2. Obtain a Copy of the Police Report
Request a copy of the police report and take down all information from the other driver and any witnesses. Collect insurance information from other drivers, get their license plate numbers, and request their phone numbers.

3. Take Photos
Take photos of the scene of the accident. Write down what happened. Listen to witness testimonies.

4. Medical Information
Collect all medical information, including all bills and any future expenses you anticipate.

5. Call Your Lawyer
Call an attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Maria Gerber wants to get working on your case while the evidence is still fresh. Procrastinating will reduce your chances of securing a full settlement or verdict.

6. Take Advantage of a FREE Case Evaluation
Attend your free consultation with Attorney Maria Gerber! Bring evidence with you and explain what happened and who you are targeting in your case. Are you seeking more from an insurance company, or are you going after a third party? If she is able to help, Attorney Maria Gerber will launch in on your case as soon as possible. She suggests that you don't discuss your accident with anyone, especially the other party's insurance company.

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