Has Someone Hurt Your Child?

Sarasota Child Injury Attorney Maria Gerber Can Help

children injuries

As a parent, there is nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing your child in pain. People can be negligent around children, which can lead to serious injuries—or even death—for an innocent child. If your child has been injured because of another's carelessness, let Ms. Gerber advocate for your family. Attorney Maria Gerber is passionate about assisting you in your case.

Ms. Gerber understands that you need a comforting and caring legal representative at this time. In the courtroom, you need your attorney to be aggressive. She operates on contingency fees, so she is doubly motivated to seek a high settlement in your case. If she doesn't succeed in securing a settlement or verdict for you, then you won't be required to pay her anything.

Types of Child Injuries

Child injuries can occur just about anywhere. Your child may have been harmed by an ignorant nurse in a hospital, constituting child medical malpractice. Your child may have been attacked by a neighbor's dog, causing you to file a dog bite lawsuit against the pet owner.

Maybe your little one was harmed in a school bus accident or was hurt on the playground because of dangerous defects with the play equipment. Whether you have a premises liability claim, an auto accident claim, a claim against a school or some other lawsuit, Attorney Gerber can help you seek justice.

The Costs of a Child Injury

As parents, the costs of your child's injury can take a toll on your bank account. These costs may not just be immediate; they could reach far into the future as well. For example, you will probably have to pay for medical care, treatments, medications, and therapy after the ordeal. You may not want to work during this time, and you may not have enough paid time off to accommodate the weeks or months you need to be away from the office. Attorney Gerber can work to seek a settlement that will cover all of these expenses.

Ms. Gerber can also help you recover future expenses such as:

  • Special education costs
  • Future therapy
  • Future medical bills
  • Future medication costs
  • Frequent doctor visits
  • Special medical equipment
  • Home remodeling to accommodate a child's condition
  • Psychologists and grief counseling

Contact Attorney Gerber today if you want more information about child injury lawsuits and how Ms. Gerber can help you seek the compensation you deserve!