The Grim Reality Of Truck Accidents

The number of trucks on the road in Florida is staggering and rises every day. There are several shipping and transportation hubs scattered throughout the state, and commercial trucking is the primary method of moving goods around. With so many of these massive vehicles operating, it is not surprising, particularly to any Florida personal injury attorney, that Florida has some of the highest truck accident fatality rates in the country.

Why Are Truck Accidents so Dangerous?

Although commercial truckers must possess specialized training and hold a specific trucking license, the reality is that the commercial driver is often the cause of these collisions. Commercial truckers work long hours under unforgiving deadlines and they often engage in aggressive driving practices to make up for lost time. They also frequently fail to make the proper allowances for bad weather and adverse road conditions while the many hours on the road make it easy for the truck driver to let his mind wander or drive while otherwise distracted. Trucks can also have mechanical failures or defective parts that slipped through their maintenance procedures.

One reason that a truck accident can be deadlier than ordinary automobile accidents is the sheer size of most common trucks. Commercial trucks like eighteen-wheelers, flatbeds, dump trucks, and liquid tanker trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. The average passenger vehicle weighs close to 3,500 pounds. Trucks are also much longer, and their wheelbase is awkwardly shaped, which creates numerous blind spots where the driver is unable to see traffic conditions.

A collision between an ordinary passenger vehicle and a full size truck can utterly destroy the smaller, lighter car and gravely injure or kill the occupants. The size disparity means that the occupants of a passenger vehicle that collides with a commercial truck are 8 times likelier to die. 82 percent of all truck accidents result in a fatality. In recent years, truck accidents killed nearly 5,000 people and injured over 100,000. Those that do survive can suffer catastrophic injuries, including brain damages, the loss of limbs, spinal cord injuries and severe burns.

An important factor to consider when it comes to a truck accident is the role the trucking companies. Often, they have the full weight of their insurance companies and specialized legal teams behind them to find ways to avoid paying out compensation to those injured in commercial trucking accidents.

If a truck accident left you or a loved one injured or caused a fatality, an attorney may be able to help you file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the driver and the company he works for. Contact an experienced injury lawyer for an in-depth assessment of your claims.

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