The Consequences Of Boating Accidents In Florida

Spending a day out on the water is one of the few activities that native Floridians and visitors to the state find equally compelling. Not surprisingly, considering that Florida is surrounded by salt water on three sides and the state is home to countless rivers, lakes, and other wetlands that make it a boater’s paradise. With so many people taking boating excursions every day, the risk of personal injury orwrongful death from maritime accidents is very real in Florida, and our Sarasota injury attorney is committed to educating the public about boating safety.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is the law enforcement body responsible for policing Florida’s waterways, this state is responsible for more boating related fatalities than any other. There are over 900,000 registered watercraft in the state, and they often pose a danger to other boats, their own passengers and even swimmers. Those figures only represent the incidents reported to the FWC, and the wide-open nature of the coastal waterways means that it is likely that many more go unreported every day.

Whether we are talking about jet skis, speedboats, sailing vessels, yachts, small fishing craft or commercial ship, the potential for collision between these vehicles is high and the potential for injury when it occurs even higher. Some of the more common consequences of boating accidents are:

  • Lacerations and/or cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Head injury
  • Contusions
  • Back injury
  • Death by drowning

Taking formal boating safety lessons is a great idea for operators looking to adhere to the highest safety standards. Most of the boat collisions and accidents that occur result from driver intoxication or operator inexperience and error. Boat operators should take extra care to keep themselves and the passengers on their boats safe – if they do not, they could be liable if someone is injured or killed on the boat.

The reality is that injuries stemming from boating accidents are common, and they can be severe enough to make you lose out on the things you enjoy most in life, like getting back out on the water. Most of these accidents are easily preventable, and while contacting a Sarasota injury lawyer will not fix all your problems, an attorney will be able to help you understand what your legal options are and analyze your case to see if you can recover legal compensation.

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