BP Claims Still Ongoing

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The Deepwater Horizon spill was one of the worst ecological disasters in history, and it continues to affect much of the Gulf Coast to this day. British Petroleum (BP) has paid out billions of dollars in claims to businesses, individuals and families who saw their lives and careers destroyed by the initial spill as well as its long-running aftereffects.

Although it has been some time since the disaster, many people still have not filed a damage claim because they believe that the deadline has passed. However, businesses and affected families have until April 2014 to file a claim for their economic and physical suffering.

If you were affected by the Deepwater Horizon spill, it is in your best interest to contact our Sarasota accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

What Types of Compensation Are Available?

The terms of the settlement agreement allow for affected individuals and families to pursue compensation for the following:

  • Real estate damage
  • Lost business profits or wages
  • Loss of subsistence use, or the loss of natural resources essential to one’s livelihood
  • Loss of property value

Compensation is also available for anyone who suffered serious personal injuries or medical conditions resulting from the spill, including residents of the affected areas, local employees in addition to rescue or recovery workers who worked on the spill site.

However, even if the spill did not directly affect you, you may still have a claim. For instance, one claimant working as a real estate agent saw a significant loss of revenue stemming from fewer people wanting to buy houses in the Gulf after the spill.

What Do I Do If I Need to File a Claim?

While it is possible to file a claim on your own, it is in your best interest to seek experienced legal representation. BP has already publically made efforts to limit the amount of claims they must pay out, and filing a claim without retaining the proper counsel may ultimately end with a denial.

At Gerber Law, our legal team has the experience and qualifications necessary to ensure that we handle your BP oil spill claim properly and professionally.

We Represent Those Affected by the BP Spill

If you or your business suffered because of the spill, contact our Sarasota accident lawyer today. We understand the impact this devastating event has had on your life, and we will carefully handle your claim to get the maximum amount of compensation for your losses. For a consultation about your case, you can call our office at (866) 233-4529 as well as complete our simple BP Claim Worksheet.