Do Bike Lanes Save Lives?

A Venice Accident Attorney Explains

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that Florida leads the nation in deaths from bicycle accidents. In light of this, local governments have recently taken initiatives to begin constructing dedicated bike lanes across the state, including the cities of Venice and Sarasota. However, many people may find themselves questioning whether these infrastructure upgrades truly save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Do Florida Bicycle Lanes Save Lives?

The term “bike lane” can apply to many different kinds of roadways. However, each case typically involves a road or section of a road intended for use by bicyclists. These lanes typically border a road used by motor vehicles.

Studies have predominantly shown that bike lanes can significantly improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike. In New York City, one major street saw traffic-related injuries drop by 35 percent after the construction of bike lanes. One study found that cycle lanes on major streets were even safer than most off-road bike trails.

Despite the immense safety improvements that bike lanes offer, many state and city governments do not heavily invest in them. According to one report, the state of Florida spends an average of $4 million on constructing and improving bike lanes across the state. By comparison, the state spends up to $100 million on highways and standard roadways.

Staying Safe on Bike Lanes

Although bike lanes offer a safer way to ride, cyclists must still take steps to protect themselves when they head out on the road. Even on a bike lane, it is important to remember to:

  • Wear a helmet and bright clothing
  • Use lights and reflectors when riding at night
  • Refrain from using headphones or music players
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before getting on the road
  • Give cars and pedestrians plenty of space
  • Watch for intoxicated or reckless drivers
  • Obey all traffic laws and signals

Remember that when riding a bicycle, you have the same rights as any car on the road. Motorists have an obligation to give you appropriate space and to behave responsibly when they approach you.

Were You Hurt in a Sarasota or Venice Bicycle Crash?

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