Sinkholes In Florida Causing Increase In Insurance Disputes

Sinkholes are a common problem in the State of Florida. In 2013 alone, there have been multiple reports of homes suffering from sudden and serious damage due to sinkholes. A recent sinkhole caused the death of one individual when his bedroom collapsed. The geographic faults will continue to cause countless personal injuries, and many homeowners will see their property suffer significant damage.

Insurance companies are aware of the widespread sinkhole problems in Florida, and they may try to mitigate the amount of claims they pay out to maintain their profits. If you have filed a sinkhole claim or intend to file a claim, you may benefit from speaking with an experienced Sarasota injury lawyer.Insurance disputes are often difficult to handle without the proper legal assistance.

My Insurance Company Denied My Claim. What Can I Do?

Insurance companies deny claims for any number of reasons, but not all of these reasons are legitimate. Some insurance companies choose to deny claims simply because the homeowner did not properly file or incompletely filed their claim. Before filing a sinkhole claim, make sure that you include:

  • A dollar-amount valuation of the damage to your home
  • The completed and legible claim application from your insurance company
  • Any relevant title or deed documents
  • Proof of residency, if needed
  • Visual documentation of the damage and sinkhole, preferably from a camera but can be from a mobile phone

In other cases, the insurance company may state that the sinkhole did not cause the damage to your property. According to Florida law, a sinkhole is a “landform created by subsidence [downward shift] of soil, sediment, or rock [due to being] dissolved by groundwater.” All insurance companies in the state must offer sinkhole coverage, which includes both sinkholes and “catastrophic ground cover collapse.”

If your insurance carrier denies your claim on this basis, a Sarasota injury lawyer may be able to work with you to gain your deserved coverage. A claim denial or dispute is not the final word on the matter. Through legal action, you can make your insurance company fulfill their contractual promise to provide you with compensation from this natural disaster.

Gerber Law Protects Your Rights

Contact our Sarasota injury attorney today if you received a wrongful denial of your sinkhole claim. It is a known fact that insurance companies do everything in their power to minimize the amount they pay out to their policyholders. However, an experienced Sarasota injury lawyer will know how to fight back on behalf of yourself and your family. We will ensure that insurance carriers respect your rights as a policyholder