A New Discovery For Burn Victims: Spray-On Skin Cells

Traditionally, physicians have used the skin graft process for replacing skin for victims of severe burn injuries, which involves taking uninjured skin from other parts of the body or growing skin artificially and grafting it over the burned areas of the body. The skin graft process, however, can take weeks or months to heal, renders the victim prone to infection and results in new skin that is quite fragile.

Development of the Skin-Cell-Gun

Professor Joerg C. Gerlach and his colleagues at the Department of Surgery of the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine have been working since 2008 to develop an alternative to the skin graft process. Scientists now have been testing the Skin-Cell Gun, which sprays skin cells biopsied from the victim’s undamaged skin directly onto the burned area in order to help it regenerate skin more quickly. Use of the Skin-Cell-Gun dramatically reduces recovery time for victims of severe burn injuries to days, rather than weeks or months. To date, physicians have tested the Skin-Cell-Gun on about a dozen victims of severe burns.

Using the Skin-Cell-Gun to repair the skin of the burn victim takes only about one and one-half hours total, which replaces the many hours that the skin graft process can entail over a period of weeks or even months. After spraying the burned areas of the skin, the physicians will cover the treated area with a special dressing containing tubes that act as a vein and an artery. The physicians then connect tubes to an artificial vascular system that feeds the burned areas with substances such as electrolytes, amino acids, glucose and antibiotics, which function together to give the skin nutrition, keep the wound sterile and encourage regeneration of skin cells. Currently, physicians only are using the Skin-Cell-Gun to treat second-degree burn injuries, but they hope to use the same treatment on burn victims with third-degree burns in the future.

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