What Should I Do If I Was Hurt In A Theme Park?

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Although we expect all theme park rides to be safe, the reality is that more than one thousand ride-related injuries occur across the state of Florida every year, according to the National Safety Council Research and Statistical Services Group. Failure to maintain or operate rides properly results in manyserious injuries and fatal accidents annually. Injuries to children due to theme park negligence also happen at an alarming rate.

Florida is home to many exciting amusement parks, such as Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando and Legoland Florida. Visitors from all over the country visit our state’s theme parks, and these visitors should not have to deal with serious injuries while on vacation.

What Causes Amusement Park Injuries?

Many factors can contribute to amusement park injuries. However, serious ride-related injuries are often the result of one or more of the following factors:

  • Ride Mechanical Failure – Rides can cause devastating injuries when mechanical failures occur. Safety harnesses or other gear detaching during a ride in addition to structural components breaking may be the result of improper maintenance, repairs or inspections.
  • Improper Ride Operation – Park employees sometimes fail to attach safety equipment correctly or do not operate the rides correctly. Some past instances of park employees failing to secure lap bar restraints have resulted in fatal injuries.
  • Ride Design – Sometimes rides are simply unsafe by design. Rides with defect designs can cause back and neck injuries, such as whiplash, as well as loss of consciousness, subdural hematoma, headaches and other damages often associated with traumatic brain injuries.

Can I File a Claim Against a Theme Park?

Cases against amusement park owners and ride manufacturers often involve proving negligence or making a product liability claim that the ride is defective. Negligence indicates that the theme park did not exercise a certain degree of care, and that this lack of care resulted in serious injuries to you or a loved one. Theme parks are also responsible for the actions of their employees. This means that if employees do not maintain, repair or operate rides properly, the park may be held liable if a visitor is injured because of any of these actions.

With a product liability case, the victim’s attorney must make the case that a ride was designed defectively, manufactured defectively or that guests were not provided with adequate instructions or warnings about possible dangers. A skilled injury lawyer can assist in determining the cause of a theme park injury and help victims and their families decide on the best legal options they have to pursue compensation.

Talk to a Florida Injury Attorney After a Theme Park Accident

If you were hurt at a theme park, you need an attorney who can be aggressive and diligent about pursuing those responsible, but also caring and communicate with you about your needs. Venice injury lawyer Maria Gerber has extensive legal experience and is devoted to providing the personal attention each injury victim that she represents deserves. If you were involved in a theme park accident or suffered another type of injury in Florida, we want to hear your story. Call our Venice accident attorney today for a free consultation about your case.