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There are steps that truckers can take to avoid crashes

Data published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that some 3,400 motorists died in tractor-trailer accidents in 2010. Those same statistics show that only 20% of all truck-involved crashes, both nonfatal and fatal, could be blamed on the truckers. The remaining 80% were believed to have been caused by noncommercial drivers. There are steps that truckers can take to reduce their chances of causing a crash according to the logistics company Cardinal though.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) notes that the leading causes of truck accidents are rear-ended accidents, speeding, driver fatigue, loss of control and lane drifting. Other factors that contribute to such crashes include mechanical failure, driver fatigue, poor road conditions, shifting cargo and debris on the highway.

What should you look for when buying or changing out a helmet?

If there's one thing that you should know about riding a bike or motorcycle, it's that you should always wear a helmet every time you go for a ride. A helmet can save your life.

Rush University research shows that helmets can significantly reduce an individual's chances of suffering a serious brain injury. A helmet's padded, inner lining works by absorbing the impact of the crash instead of your head doing that instead.

Special concerns for parents of children with brain injuries

Due in part to the large variety of potential symptoms and the delayed onset of negative medical consequences, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) remain some of the hardest severe medical injuries to diagnose and treat.

As difficult as the condition is to diagnose and treat when it presents in adults, it is even more difficult and expensive in young children. Parents with children who suffer brain injuries after an accident or illness may struggle to know how to care for their children, particularly if their children don't verbalize their symptoms.

Truck accidents are markedly different from passenger car ones

Truck-involved crashes and passenger car ones are markedly different. Cars weigh significantly less and are much smaller than 18-wheelers. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of reasons why these two types of motor vehicle accidents may have different end results though.

As you might imagine, it means something that trucks are larger and weight more than cars. If a trucker crashes into a passenger car, then the person operating the sedan or sports utility vehicle is bound to get hurt. This is especially the case if the crash happens at a high rate of speed.

The left-turn accident is very common on a motorcycle

Nothing you can do on a motorcycle guarantees that you will avoid an accident. Other drivers have a lot of power over the risks you face on the road. That said, understanding the most common types of motorcycle accidents can make you more aware, and this can keep you safe.

With that in mind, every rider should know that the left-hand accident is one of the most common -- and the most dangerous -- accidents that riders face. This is a crash where a second vehicle pulls across the motorcyclist's traffic lane as they turn left in front of them.

You can sue a property owner for your injuries

From slips and falls to assaults in poorly lit or secured areas, there are many different ways in which you can get hurt on another person's premises. Your medical costs can be quite high depending on the severity of your injuries. The great news is that Florida allows most individuals who get hurt on someone else's property to file suit to recover medical costs and other accident-related expenses caused by another party's negligence.

All business owners must make sure that their property is reasonably safe for visitors. It's their responsibility to regularly assess their buildings and premises for any potential safety hazards. Property owners are also obligated to quickly fix any potentially dangerous situations that may be brought to their attention. If they fail to do this and someone gets hurt, then they could be accused of negligence.

Whiplash is a serious injury you may not feel at first

After a car accident, the first thing that most people do is look for any signs of injury to themselves and others in their vehicle. Even if a person does not see any injuries or feel pain from the accident, it is still a good idea to go to a hospital or other medical care facility and receive a full-body examination.

Why seek medical care if you don't feel injured? Car accidents are often much more violent experiences than we realize in the moment, and our bodies may suffer internal injuries that don't cause pain at first. In some cases, these injuries are serious, and a victim may experience ongoing pain and other complications without timely diagnosis and treatment.

What are some reasons slips, trips and falls occur?

A study published by the safety training company SafeStart in 2014 captured how slips, trips and falls were the leading cause of workplace injuries among the nearly 1,300 workers that they polled that year. Sadly, these types of incidents don't just happen on the job though. Many individuals suffer slips, trips and falls while performing a variety of tasks, both at home and in public.

SafeStart's same research shows that an overwhelming majority of slips, trips and falls are caused by human factors such as rushing, fatigue or distractions. They also happen because people feel too comfortable in their surroundings. Their data shows that at least 54% of these incidents happen because individuals simply aren't paying attention or taking their time to safely navigate a space.

Motorcycle safety during the fall months

Motorcyclists often venture out during the fall months to see the beautiful scenery. While the resplendent foliage may apply more directly to the northeast or northwest states, or elsewhere in the U.S. with dramatic changes in seasonal temperatures, if you ask any Floridian, there is a noticeable, crisp change when autumn arrives, usually to Florida residents’ delight. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, make sure that you properly prepare. There are particular hazards present during this season. Knowing these before you ride can help you to remain a bit safer.

Brain injuries can come from car wrecks

Car crashes can cause many different injuries. One of the more serious is a brain injury. Anyone who is involved in a crash should pay close attention to how they are feeling in the days and weeks after. This type of injury might not show up right away, so you must be vigilant for a while after the wreck.

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