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Motorcycle safety during the fall months

Motorcyclists often venture out during the fall months to see the beautiful scenery. While the resplendent foliage may apply more directly to the northeast or northwest states, or elsewhere in the U.S. with dramatic changes in seasonal temperatures, if you ask any Floridian, there is a noticeable, crisp change when autumn arrives, usually to Florida residents’ delight. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, make sure that you properly prepare. There are particular hazards present during this season. Knowing these before you ride can help you to remain a bit safer.

First, leave home with the appropriate gear. The evenings can get chilly, so bring leather with you to help keep you warm as you ride. This also provides limited protection against road rash if you are thrown from the motorcycle.

Second, watch the sides of the road, particularly in more rural areas. The fall months are a time of increased activity for deer. They are going to run around in search of food and will dart away from hunters. These animals aren’t familiar with roads and often shoot across them with no warning. You’ve probably seen the harm that a deer can do to a car. The damage is much more significant for a motorcycle.

Third, look for fallen leaves. These can cover potholes and other obstacles, which can lead to an accident. They will also become soaking wet thanks to abundant rainfall in Florida. When this happens — or even if fallen foliage is only slick because of morning dew — the leaves are perilous for wheels zooming over them. This has an impact on a motorcycle similar to ice.

Finally, other drivers can lead to crashes. They might be looking at the changing leaves and become distracted. If they ride a motorcycle because of this or any other reason stemming from negligence or recklessness, it’s advisable to pursue a claim for compensation for the damages you suffer as a result of the crash.

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