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What are some reasons slips, trips and falls occur?

A study published by the safety training company SafeStart in 2014 captured how slips, trips and falls were the leading cause of workplace injuries among the nearly 1,300 workers that they polled that year. Sadly, these types of incidents don’t just happen on the job though. Many individuals suffer slips, trips and falls while performing a variety of tasks, both at home and in public.

SafeStart’s same research shows that an overwhelming majority of slips, trips and falls are caused by human factors such as rushing, fatigue or distractions. They also happen because people feel too comfortable in their surroundings. Their data shows that at least 54% of these incidents happen because individuals simply aren’t paying attention or taking their time to safely navigate a space.

That same data reveals that at least 25% of all slips, trips and falls occur when someone attempts to navigate slippery or wet surfaces. At least 16% of them occur due to other housekeeping concerns.

SafeStart’s data also reveals that only 2% each of slips, trips and falls occur while someone is utilizing ladders or stairs. Their research shows that only 1% of these incidents can be attributed to poor lighting.

The company’s data shows that individuals can greatly minimize their risk of injury by remaining observant for any potential hazards, using handrails when walking up or down staircases and by wearing adequate shoes for the conditions.

Businesses are responsible for keeping their premises reasonably safe for potential visitors, residents and employees. If they fail to do this, and someone gets hurt on their property, then they expose themselves to getting sued for any injuries that a person may suffer. An attorney can advise you of your right to file suit in Florida when you’ve been injured on someone else’s premises here in Sarasota.

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