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Car safety features that can save your life

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Car Accidents

Totally automated vehicles are probably in our future — but we have to make do without them for now. Fortunately, there are safety systems on the market right now that will help you keep yourself and your loved ones safer when you’re out there on the roads.

These “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” (ADAS) are available on nearly every kind of vehicle you might want, including sports utility vehicles and small cars alike:

  • Automatic braking devices: These detect something in front of your vehicle (or behind it) and stops its motion automatically.
  • Blindspot alerts: 49% of vehicle owners with these sensors say that they have actually averted crashes.
  • Parking sensors: Another 42% of drivers credit these and their backup cameras for keeping them out of accidents.
  • Lane centering: These devices help keep your vehicle in the true center of the road and prevent drifting.
  • Lane departure and assistance: These can alert you if you start to cross the centerline without signaling — and some even gently steer your vehicle back on course.
  • Backup cameras: If you buy a newer-model car, you’ll find one of those automatically installed. They can keep you from hittng a pedestrian in a parking lot (or from bumping another car).
  • Cross-traffic alerts: These give you notice when there’s another vehicle moving into your lane from one side or another.

Unfortunately, all of the safety devices, alerts and automated systems won’t necessarily protect you from a negligent driver. Some drivers get confused by them, ignore their vehicle’s warnings, turn off safety features or just make bad decisions while on the road. If you’re injured in a wreck due to someone else’s negligence, find out more about your right to compensation for your losses.


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