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What unique safety concerns do motorcycles pose?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

You may relish the feeling of freedom that comes with a motorcycle that you do not get while riding in a car or truck. 

However, there are some dangerous downsides to this unique mode of transportation that you should aware of while using it. 


Compared to cars and especially trucks, motorcycles are easily the smallest vehicles on the road. Although they are fast and can outmaneuver many other automobiles, it leaves them more open to accidents. 

Collisions can occur from any angle. Most motorcycle crashes happen when you are at an intersection, leaving yourself vulnerable to cars or bigger vehicles. Being aware of the lack of protection you have around you can help you better plan the precautions you should take. 


A motorcycle’s most unique feature is its two wheeled steering system. This feature allows for increased control, but it also leaves riders open to wobbling. 

When you start to wobble while driving fast, it can throw you off the bike. Well-made motorcycles are not supposed to wobble, but manufacturing errors can cause crashes at high speeds. This frightening phenomenon does not happen while in a car or truck. 

Sensitivity to road conditions 

While some threats to safety are obvious, some may be harder to realize until an accident occurs. These kinds of threats include road issues such as puddles, cracked roads, or even raised surfaces like a railroad track. 

Riding your motorcycle over these areas may cause you to lose control and slide. Compared to larger vehicles, motorcycles do not have the same grip or traction and can easily spin out. 


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