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Don't ever assume that your head injury is minor

Many people tend to think that they’re invincible and that there’s little chance of them suffering a slip, trip or fall. These types of incidents can happen almost anywhere, though. You may trip on a rug as you enter a home or store. You could also slip on spilled water, cleaning agents or debris. It’s not uncommon for individuals to lose their footing and fall on cracked or uneven pavement either. A head injury is one of the most severe types of injuries that a person can suffer in such an incident.

Car crashes, contact sports and slips and falls can all result in head injuries. Many people who pass out and soon come to or who experience diminishing concussive symptoms post-incident may think that they’re fine — but that’s not always the case.

A patient’s health can quickly deteriorate if they suffer a skull fracture. These often occur in the temporal region, which right above your ear. A severed artery may cause blood to pool just above the brain’s lining, causing swelling and a buildup of pressure and a decrease in blood flow to the area. A patient’s condition may quickly deteriorate as a result.

Falls generally don’t have to be hard to result in a skull fracture or brain bleed. People often don’t experience immediate symptoms either. It may take between five minutes and three hours for the severity of injuries to manifest themselves post-incident.

Some of the earliest symptoms that individuals with brain injuries notice include severe headaches, sudden drowsiness, nausea and glossy eyes. Patients can suffer irreversible brain damage if they don’t seek medical attention right away.

Doctors perform imaging to determine how severe a patient’s injuries are. They often open a person’s skull as part of a craniotomy procedure to stop the bleeding and relieve the pressure on their brain.

Brain bruises can cause an axonal injury or stretching and cracking of the brain’s nerves, a condition that may result in a person’s long-term cognitive deficits.

Individuals often fear breaking bones in slip and fall incidents. Few worry about striking an object around them as they fall to the ground. Such a head injury may forever change or take your life, though. Fortunately, a slip-and-falls attorney who is keen on providing compassionate and skilled legal representation in Sarasota liability cases may help you recover compensation if someone’s negligence resulted in a serious injury.

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