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What risks do long-haul truckers face?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Truck Accidents

If you drive a long-haul truck in Florida, you may know firsthand the dangers of travel. You may encounter distracted drivers, road debris, inclement weather and even animals that obstruct your lane of travel.

Adequate training and experience can prepare you to mitigate these hazards and respond appropriately if you face a hair-raising situation. Your familiarity with the risks of your job can help you to stay safer so you can perform your job with efficiency and protect your well-being.


One risk you may face is obesity. Hours spent driving may contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle. You may find yourself snacking or drinking energy drinks to pass the time or help you stay alert. Poor sleeping patterns can also contribute to obesity according to health care experts.

While being a few pounds overweight may not seem like a big deal, extra weight may slow your body down and interfere with your ability to respond to the situations around you. Eating a balanced diet and stocking up on snacks that provide ample protein can give your body more sustenance. You can also do simple exercises when you stop to rest so you can keep your body active and alert.


Another risk you may encounter is fatigue. Feeling overtired and still driving can have deadly consequences for you and for other motorists around you. According to Safeopedia, sleep deprivation can impair your motor control, decision-making abilities and your visual perception among other things.

Work with your employer to make sure you get adequate breaks during your shift. Make sure that you get solid sleep between shifts. Recognize the signs of fatigue so you can respond appropriately when you start to get tired.

Keeping your body healthy and making sure you get enough rest are both ways that you can enhance your ability to drive your truck with confidence and control. Your effort may make a difference in your ability to respond to potentially dangerous situations so you can return home safely at the end of your shift.


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