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Statistics on truck accident injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | Truck Accidents

If you become involved in a large truck collision, the accident could impact different facets of your daily life. You could have to miss work for an extended period of time, and you may experience significant pain and injuries that prevent you from walking or taking care of your responsibilities. Moreover, truck accident injuries can lead to lifelong hardships, such as permanent immobility.

It is very important for drivers to go over statistics on truck accident injuries in order to recognize the prevalence of these crashes. If you suffered an injury in a large truck crash, you are not alone, and you need to firmly stand up for your rights.

How many truck accident injuries occur?

Statistics published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show that throughout 2019, 127,000 large truck collisions caused injuries. Moreover, this reflects a 13% increase when compared to data from 2016, when 112,000 large truck accidents resulting in injuries occurred. Between 2009 and 2015, large truck accidents causing injuries went up by 62%. Data shows that in 2009, 97,000 such accidents occurred.

How do truck accident injuries affect victims?

Aside from dealing with intense pain and missing work, some victims face serious financial hardships as a result of medical bills. Furthermore, these accidents can cause mental trauma and emotional challenges, such as depression and anxiety. Sadly, some of these injuries lead to the loss of life, leaving families with emotional pain that never goes away.

If a large truck crash left you or a loved one seriously hurt, you need to go over your options right away.


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