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3 essential items to wear when riding your motorcycle

In 2018, almost 5,000 lost their lives in motorcycle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Florida added 534 fatalities to the national number. Your goal when riding is to stay safe and have fun. Part of the safety includes what to wear.

When you attended your motorcycle training, the instructor told you what to wear to the class. The question is whether you continued to wear what the instructor told you after completing the class. If your answer is no, here is a reminder.

1. The right clothes

Do not ride in shorts. That means a shirt and jeans are all you need, but is it enough? While jeans offer more protection than shorts, denim will shred when sliding on pavement. These days, motorcycle clothing retailers sell jeans with Kevlar padding. Other companies sew Kevlar straight into the material.

2. An approved helmet

Florida law requires wearing a helmet. Statute 316.211 states a person may not operate or ride a motorcycle unless wearing a helmet that complies with the department of transportation. Although some may see helmets as being uncool, there is one all-encompassing significance for wearing one: It protects your brain.

3. Gloves

Sometimes neglected, gloves are critical for safety. When you have an accident, you may try to extend your arms and hands to prevent your body and head from hitting the pavement. If you do not wear a sturdy pair of motorcycle gloves, you may risk losing skin and fingers.

Besides all the essential items listed above, other essential gear includes a jacket and boots. Jackets come in various materials and styles to wear in all kinds of weather. Choose heavy-duty boots that fit over the ankle.

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