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What type of flying debris do I need to worry about on the road?

Most motorists worry about the prospect of another car striking them as they travel down the roadway.

Few drivers concern themselves about the potential of something flying off a passing motorist’s automobile and hitting them — but it happens.

What do you need to worry about striking your car on the roadway?

Most driver education programs teach their students to continually scan the roadway when approaching intersections in case a pedestrian or another motorist is in their path. Many of these programs could teach drivers a bit more about the importance of keeping a close eye on the motorists around them.

Car parts such as mufflers, spoilers, bumpers and mirrors may come loose, or a tire can come off the axle or blow out. Household items, including appliances, furniture, mattresses and Christmas trees, often fall off the beds of a motorist’s pickup truck or out of their open trunk. Any of these can become a deadly projectile, especially when a motorist is driving a car at a high rate of speed.

Construction debris such as lumber, loose pavement, tools or trash may even get away from the worksite or become dislodged from a vehicle and crash into other cars. Although its occurrence is rare, there’s also the prospect of a truck’s trailer or their load coming loose. Events like these often leave behind significant destruction.

What you can do if someone else’s trash injures you

While there are some instances in which a motorist’s debris may travel so quickly that another one doesn’t see it coming, there are many cases where drivers do see what’s headed their way in advance. It’s not uncommon for drivers to try and take evasive action to avoid a potential crash. They often swerve into oncoming traffic, an adjoining lane or a ditch when this happens.

If debris in the road from another vehicle caused your wreck, seek medical treatment right away. Once the immediate danger has passed, you can talk with a Sarasota attorney about filing a claim for fair compensation.

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