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How can different vehicles safely share the road?

It is every motorist’s responsibility to drive safely to reduce the risk of accidents. This is especially true when sharing the road with different types of vehicles, such as bikes, motorcycles, and commercial trucks.

While sharing the road is often challenging, obeying traffic laws and using common sense is key to navigating them safely. That is why the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers the following safe driving tips.


Bicyclists must follow the same rules as other vehicles when sharing the road. However, they are also privy to the same privileges as other vehicles, including having the right of way in certain situations. For instance, passenger vehicles must yield to anyone traveling in the bike lane when making a turn. They must also provide three feet of clearance from the back and to the sides to bicycles.


Motorcyclists face many risks on the road, especially when drivers are unaware of safe driving practices. While motorcycles are much smaller than passenger vehicles, passenger vehicles are not allowed to share the lane with them. They should also keep at least four seconds behind a motorcycle to account for their quick stopping ability.

Commercial vehicles

Other vehicles must remain alert to the blind spots on larger commercial vehicles. Driving in these areas, which are to the front, sides, and back of the truck means that the driver is unable to see you from their mirrors. Also, keep in mind that it takes trucks longer to come to a complete stop than other types of vehicles due to their size. Drivers must use caution when merging in front of a commercial vehicle to prevent a potentially serious collision.

By taking the above steps, you can greatly reduce your risk of a car crash. You will also experience less stress when driving on Florida roads and highways.

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