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Why Can't We Wear White After Labor Day?

white shirts

So where did the “no white after Labor Day” tradition begin? There may be a few explanations but one may be practical.

Before the days of air conditioner people wore lighter fabrics in lighter colors to keep cool.

As summer drew to a close and it became cooler darker colors and heavier fabrics became a better choice. This not wearing white after Labor Day may have just been a practical choice and not a fashion statement.

Here in Florida the transition between summer, fall and winter isn’t as significant so packing up our summer white cottons and linens is not necessary. So, regardless of whether some may call it a fashion faux pas, go ahead and rock your best whites, and plan to stay cool and fashionable during our unseasonably, warm, fall and winter months. As we close the door on summer, 2023 remember, it may not be wrong but rather “white” to wear white in Florida!