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Big rig crashes and safety features that might reduce accidents.

Motorists in the Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice area see their fair share of big rigs. Many are traveling to and from Port Tampa Bay, the largest and busiest port in Florida.

Given the high number of large trucks on the road, crashes are not uncommon, but researchers have identified ways to reduce these accidents.

Understanding the research

In 2017, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a report that examined truck-related collisions. Researchers for the study recommended installing four specific safety features on large trucks. Their findings indicated that the advanced safety technologies had the potential to prevent some 63,000 truck-related crashes annually.

Improving braking safety

The report recommended air disc brakes for performance improvements over traditional brakes. Another suggestion was the addition of automatic emergency braking systems so that trucks could prevent collisions with the vehicles in front of them.

Sensing trouble

Researchers for the truck accident study estimated that lane departure warning systems could prevent up to 6,372 crashes, 1,342 injuries and 115 fatalities per year. Also, video-based onboard safety monitoring systems, which monitor a driver’s performance, could prevent up to 63,000 crashes annually.

Keeping motorists safe

The report also provided tips for motorists who travel near 18-wheelers. The researchers recommended that drivers always follow big rigs at a safe distance. They should allow plenty of room when a truck is passing and when a truck driver signals a lane change. Drivers should also leave ample room behind a truck stopped on a hill since the vehicle could roll back when the driver removes his or her foot from the brake.

Any kind of accident with a large truck can leave the motorist with significant injuries. The report findings showed that safety first should always be top of mind.

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