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Car Accidents

Teens and motor vehicle collisions

If you are a teen who recently started driving, or a parent concerned about your child's safety on the road, it is very important to go over statistics on teens and motor vehicle collisions. Teens face a number of risks behind the wheel, such as peer pressure,...

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How can you avoid a dooring accident?

As a cyclist, you depend on passenger vehicles to pay attention and obey the road rules to avoid a dangerous accident. Since cyclists are more vulnerable in an accident, you sometimes have to be proactive to ensure your safety. When it comes to accidents, one of the...

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When are the most dangerous days to drive?

Like many people who drive on roads and highways in Florida, you want to minimize your risks of getting into an automobile collision. Not every day presents an equal chance of a car wreck, though. Studies have shown that some days are more dangerous than others for...

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What is road rage?

The sad reality is that if you are driving on an American roadway, there is a high likelihood that somebody else on the road with you is angry. In fact, one study suggested that almost 80% of American drivers reported experiencing significant anger or aggression...

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