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Truck Accidents

How does drowsiness impact trucker safety?

Drowsy driving is an issue that continues to plague everyone on the road. Despite awareness campaigns and an overall effort to bring the spotlight onto its dangers, it remains a behavior that many drivers engage in. In particular, it is a big risk when truckers end up...

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What risks do long-haul truckers face?

If you drive a long-haul truck in Florida, you may know firsthand the dangers of travel. You may encounter distracted drivers, road debris, inclement weather and even animals that obstruct your lane of travel. Adequate training and experience can prepare you to...

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The dangers of overloaded semi-trucks

Thousands of big rigs roll through Florida communities every day, delivering goods on a tight schedule. Tractor-trailers can weigh more than 80,000 pounds when loaded, which can make stopping quickly impossible. Typical passenger sedans weigh less than 4,000 pounds...

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How does drowsy driving affect truckers?

Florida truckers often hit the road for long stretches of time. Orders often pile up back to back, and truckers take on enormous distances in a single day. Because of scheduling and the amount of time they drive, many only get a few hours of sleep a night. This could...

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