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Common electrical hazards to look out for.

Industry data shows that as many as 1,000 workers have on-the-job electrical accidents every year. Those instances result in about 30 deaths annually. These types of incidents don’t just happen in the workplace, though, but also around people’s homes, stores, and anywhere else people congregate. Some electrical hazards are far more common than others.

One electrical danger that people have to worry about is any instance in which an electrical outlet, cord or wire makes contact with water. Such an occurrence could result in someone suffering an electrical shock. It’s even dangerous for you to touch any electrical device if you have wet hands. If you do, then you could suffer electrocution and also severe burns.

People also often make the mistake of assuming that an electrical device isn’t dangerous because it isn’t powered on or appears inoperable. That can be a costly one to make, though, as it can result in electrocution.

There are some homes and buildings that don’t have an abundance of electric outlets. It’s not uncommon for individuals facing this dilemma to run extension cords, use power strips and adapters to plug in everything. A power shortage and overheating can result from this leading to a fire.

It’s also not uncommon for those working with electrical equipment while atop ladders or scaffolds to lose grip on what they’re working with or to drop electrical equipment onto others, leading to shock and other adverse outcomes.

Exposed, loose and frayed electric wires and cords not only may cause a device not to work correctly, but they may also pose a shock or fire hazard.

People who stay in hotels as they travel and visit businesses such as stores or government offices often carry out tasks or spend time in others’ homes. While most businesses and homeowners do their best to keep their building safe, some entities take risks assuming that nothing negative will come from doing so. It only takes one instance to seriously harm someone or kill them, though.

Fortunately, there are laws on the books here in Florida that may allow you to recover damages if someone else’s negligence results in you getting hurt. A premises liability attorney can advise you if you can recover compensation in your Sarasota case.

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