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How can grocery stores cause slip and fall injuries?.

When you go into a grocery store to pick up food or toiletries, you are likely not expecting to slip and fall.

These injuries are all too common, and can often lead to worse health complications if left untreated. Learning about how grocery stores can be a source of slip and fall injuries may help you deal with this serious situation.

Slippery floors

According to the South Florida Reporter, slip and fall accidents often happen because of a lack of care for the safety of shoppers. Negligence can occur if the store workers knew about the spills but did not clean them up and allowed the floors to stay wet. A business has a duty to its customers to make sure all the floors are reasonably safe to walk on.

Faulty railings

Most sets of stairs into and out of a building require a guard railing for any person to hold onto while using them. In the event this railing is falling apart and collapses, you may find yourself slipping and falling down a flight of stairs. Concrete and hardwood floors often cause more serious injuries than falls onto grass or carpet, which can lead to more complications for shoppers who trip on stairs.

Poor lighting

Unsafe lighting, such as a flickering bulb or burnt out light, is another reason why people mistakenly trip and fall while entering or exiting a building.

In addition to the inside the building, parking lots and sidewalks must stay clear and brightly lit as well. Slip and fall injuries can occur in many common places, and every store must make sure to have proper safety standards in place.

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