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How can you choose a safe motorcycle helmet?.

While enjoying the open road on your motorcycle, protecting your skull may be the least of your concerns.

However, picking out the correct helmet can keep you safe and reduce your chances of a serious injury in the event of a crash.

Find the best size

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a helmet that fits correctly should not leave you feeling any pressure points on your forehead. Every person has a differently sized skull so buying a size that fits you helps insulate and cushion your head.

Round oval, long oval and intermediate oval are the typical options for helmet shapes. Looking at your head from above using a mirror can make knowing your size easier.

Check the sticker

Each helmet that is safe for road use should have a sticker on the back from the Department of Transportation. This sticker shows that the helmet should properly protect your head in the event of a crash. Novelty helmets, or ones that do not have this sticker, tend to be too thin or flimsy.

Know real ones from fakes

You can tell a novelty helmet from a safe one by looking at areas like the chin straps and inner liner. Certain designs also do not offer quality protection, such as skullcap styles. The DOT also recommends that helmets do not have any decorations that extend too far out into your range of visibility.

Spikes that stick up can also cause safety issues in some cases. Knowing the right design elements and safety guidelines for a helmet can allow you to choose one that fits comfortably and protects you while riding.

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