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How do helmets protect you in a crash?.

Involvement in a motorcycle crash of any sort can immediately put your head, spine and neck at risk. Of course, given how vital these areas are, it is crucial to protect them from danger to the utmost of your abilities.

This is where helmets come in. However, while helmets offer as much protection as they currently can, is that enough in reality?

Different levels of protection

The National Library of Medicine did a study focusing on how helmets reduce head and brain injuries. These studies reveal several things about helmets, including the fact that improvements to the overall design of a helmet can and should still happen.

First, a study showed that helmets do not protect against all injuries proportionally. In other words, while helmets excel at preventing some types of injuries, they sometimes fall short when protecting against others. For example, helmets helped a good deal against cerebral contusion, showing a 71 percent reduction in cases with the involvement of helmets. On the other hand, cases of intracranial hemorrhage saw a reduction of a comparatively low 53 percent.

The importance of wearing a helmet

Of course, any percent is good when talking about injury prevention. To this end, it is still of vital importance for motorcyclists to continue wearing helmets. It is equally important to ensure you wear the right type of helmet that is well-fitted and sits on your head properly. This is the current best way to lower your chances of suffering from severe or even deadly head trauma.

However, improvements to helmets should happen, so the instances of these injuries can see an even greater reduction.

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