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How to reduce motorcycle accidents.

If the sight of a motorcycle on the road scares other drivers, this is for a good reason. Many motor vehicle operators do not understand how to drive around them, and the actions of some riders are nerve-wracking.

There is also a high correlation between motorcycles and accidents. To reduce crashes, both drivers and motorcyclists can do their parts.

Stats and facts regarding motorcycles

According to the Insurance Information Institute, some of the reasons motorcycles are in more collisions are because they are less visible and less stable, and there are not the same protections as a closed vehicle has. It also requires different mental and physical skills to operate a motorcycle.

Compared to car occupants, motorcycle riders are 27 times more likely to die in an accident. The majority of fatal crashes occur between 3 PM and 9 PM, and alcohol is a factor in many of the accidents.

Improvements drivers can make

According to the National Security Council, other motor vehicle operators are usually the cause of motorcycle accidents. Drivers can help reduce collisions by checking blind spots and other obstructed views for motorcycles. They should also try to anticipate the motorcycle’s movements and refrain from distracted driving.

Changes motorcyclists can make

To help others see them, motorcycle riders should wear bright reflective clothing, ride with their headlights on and refrain from riding in blind spots. They should take a safety course, follow all traffic laws and drive defensively. To reduce the severity of injuries, riders should always wear helmets as well as protective clothing, boots and gear.

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