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How you’re most apt to get hurt in and around pools.

One of the many great things about living here in Florida is that we’re fortunate enough to be able to hit the pool for at least some portion of every month of the year. Whether you’re thinking about taking a dip in a public pool, a hotel one or a friend’s, some dangers exist that you’ll want to be on the lookout for, so you don’t get hurt.

One of the biggest dangers adults face when visiting a pool is the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These often occur when a swimmer dives into a pool that is shallower than they expected.

If the individual hits their head on the floor of the pool, then they may be left with this debilitating type of injury. Those people who suffer TBIs often experience cognitive impairments and are left requiring a lifetime of therapy or medical care.

Another type of injury that is common among children are drownings. This type of event most often involves kids ages 1 to 14. Accidents involving children up to age 4 often are deadly.

Signs that warn divers of a pool’s shallow waters and discourage them from diving in are important. Any signage that lets swimmers know how deep the water is at different points is also helpful to anyone who frequents a pool.

Children often drown because their caregivers take their eyes off them. Others do so because they’re allowed to play around a pool that isn’t surrounded by a fence. It’s doesn’t take much time being submerged in even the shallowest of water to cause significant injuries or to kill a child.

Slip-and-fall injuries in a restroom, on a diving board or around a pool are also common. Electrical defects, improperly installed ladders, chemical toxicity and other factors may also be to blame for pool injuries.

Medical care isn’t cheap. This is especially the case if you’re left with a TBI or spinal cord injury, both of which may leave you needing a lifetime of care. An attorney may be able to help you alleviate some of the financial burdens that you have if you’ve been seriously injured in or around a pool in Sarasota by helping you file suit in your Florida case.

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