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Use caution when dealing with insurers after an accident.

When you have an auto accident, you rely on car insurance coverage for the costs of property damage and injuries. Despite this financial safety net, some errors can prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve after a serious auto accident injury.

These tips can help you approach the insurance company with caution and avoid common errors after filing a car accident claim.

Know the cost of your injuries

Total all the current and future expenses associated with your accident injuries before you or your attorney negotiates with the insurance company. In addition to the cost of ambulance rides, treatments, surgery, physical therapy and other medical needs, you can seek compensation for loss of household services, lost wages and travel expenses to health care appointments.

Avoid admitting fault

If you say anything to the insurance adjuster that admits fault, the company can deny your claim even if the other driver had fault for the accident. Even apologizing for the accident can possibly construe an admission of wrongdoing that may compromise your insurance settlement.

Seek help immediately

Failing to notify your insurance company about the accident right away can lead them to deny your accident claim. You should also get medical help immediately. Even if you think you did not suffer injury in the crash, traumatic brain injuries and other serious concerns do not always show symptoms right away.

Florida uses no-fault laws for auto accidents. That means you file a claim with your own insurance company regardless of fault. In certain cases involving catastrophic injuries, you can sue the at-fault driver for compensation.

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