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Weather and other details to include in your post-accident notes.

If you should become the victim of a vehicle crash, you will no doubt check yourself and any others involved for injuries.

Injuries require immediate medical attention. However, if you feel OK, your next step is to document the accident including weather conditions and other pertinent details.

Taking photos

Use the camera on your cellphone to take pictures of the license plates and damage to both cars. You can also take a photo of the other driver’s insurance card. Take a snap of the driver while shooting other pictures to use as proof, if necessary, that this person was involved in the incident.

Noting details

If you do not have camera capabilities, draw a diagram of the crash. Show the direction in which each vehicle was traveling and explain as best you can how the accident occurred. Note the time of the crash, traffic conditions and what the weather was like. Include area identification markers such as street or highway signs, nearby buildings or residences. Include the contact information for the other driver and for any witnesses who agree to provide such information.

Submitting a claim

Along with a copy of the police report, an attorney will use the information you gather and the photos you take when the time comes to file a claim for insurance compensation. Even a seemingly minor accident such as a rear-end collision can cause injuries that are not immediately apparent; hence, the importance of prompt medical attention. If you should ever become an accident victim, post-crash notes and photos will assist you in obtaining full and fair compensation to cover your medical expenses and more.

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