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What are some of the latest motorcycle safety features?.

If you ask most motorcyclists what they enjoy most about riding their bikes, they’ll often tell you that it’s that freeing feeling that they experience when they get out there on the open road. Many motorcyclists enjoy not having much if any barriers between them and nature. Fortunately, motorcycle manufacturers have made many safety improvements to their bikes in recent years aimed at keeping motorcyclists safe.

It’s not uncommon for motorists to say that they didn’t see a motorcyclist coming and that this led them to end up colliding into them. Motorcycle manufacturers have been installing light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs on motorcycles for the past few years. These have aided in making motorcyclists more visible to others on the road. These lights have allowed cyclists to better see what lies ahead in the roadway as well.

Motorcycle manufacturers have also begun equipping their bikes with anti-lock brakes in recent years. Motorbikes that feature this type of braking system help motorcyclists maintain better control when attempting to steer their bikes in emergencies. Anti-lock brakes automatically bump when a motorcyclist stops all of the sudden.

The car that you drive likely comes equipped with an air bag, but did you know that these are available to motorcyclists as well? This is another recent item that clothing manufacturers have been working on. These safety vests automatically inflate when a motorcyclist suffers any impact. Air bags saved an estimated 2,756 motorcyclists’ lives in 2016. The individuals who wore them would have suffered both vital organ and chest injuries had they not been wearing their vests at the time of their crashes.

Clothing such as gloves, boots and helmets have also been enhanced in an effort of protecting motorcyclists from injuries. Bike manufacturers have decreased bikes’ horsepower and equipped them with stability control and diagnostic systems in hopes of keeping bikers safe. Some motorcycle manufacturers have even redesigned bikes to include a third wheel to reduce the incidence rate of certain types of crashes.

Motorcycles can be enjoyable to ride on, especially when you’re young and have little to no cares in the world. Motorcyclists who are involved in crashes often suffer serious injuries or die though. An attorney can advise you of your right to recover the compensation necessary to pay your existing and future medical bills if you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s negligence here in Sarasota or elsewhere in Florida.

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