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What happens immediately after a brain injury?.

Due to the nature and size of motorcycles, crashes are more common than most bikers like to think. One of the most common outcomes of those crashes are brain injuries.

According to brainline, a traumatic brain injury is one that results in the destruction or damage of the brain tissue. While several events can result in a TBI, the most common include motor vehicle accidents, falls, gunshot wounds and assault.

The immediate aftermath of a TBI

If you or a loved one were recently involved in a motorcycle crash, or if you regularly ride, it is essential that you know how to recognize a traumatic brain injury. This means understanding the symptoms of TBI that arise immediately after impact.

Immediately following TBI, two things occur. The first is at a biological level and involves flooding of the brain. Upon impact, the cells within the brain essentially burst, releasing the substances within them to the rest of the organ. This causes further damage and deterioration of the brain cells, or “secondary cell death.”

The second thing that happens is at a functional level. People who sustain moderate to severe TBIs may lose consciousness, which can last for anywhere from a few minutes to several months. Medical professionals refer to a lengthy loss of consciousness as a coma. Those with serious injuries may experience trouble breathing and a decrease in motor functioning.

The prognosis of a TBI

As a person regains consciousness (if he or she does), he or she may develop a variety of symptoms. Those include aggression, irritability, confusion and other personality changes. For most people, these symptoms subside over time. However, the neurons in the brain cannot mend themselves, meaning a crash victim will never achieve full recovery. Many crash victims must overcome challenges due to brain damage on a daily basis.

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