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What is road rage?.

The sad reality is that if you are driving on an American roadway, there is a high likelihood that somebody else on the road with you is angry. In fact, one study suggested that almost 80% of American drivers reported experiencing significant anger or aggression behind the wheel at least once over the course of the last year.

Road rage is extremely prevalent and it can turn deadly in certain instances. According to Geico Insurance, it is vital for you to avoid aggressive drivers if at all possible and recognize the signs of road rage in order to avoid it.

Signs of an aggressive driver

Tailgating, or driving extremely closely behind somebody else’s rear bumper, is a quintessential sign of road rage. If You observe another driver yelling inside of their car or making angry gestures, it is highly likely that the person is under the influence of road rage.

Road rage can become physical, too. For instance, enraged drivers may try to block another vehicle from changing lanes, start cutting off other vehicles on purpose or even try to get out of his or her car to confront other drivers.

Dealing with road rage

The first thing to keep in mind is refusing to engage. If you suspect that somebody is trying to follow you out of road rage, get off of the road if necessary. In the event that the enraged driver follows you, drive to the nearest police station. You should never get out of your car to interact with an enraged driver, as this can cause the situation to escalate quickly.

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