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What’s so great about airbag vests for motorcyclists?.

Many companies have set out to find ways to make riding a motorcycle safer in recent years. This has led to the introduction of an air bag vest on the market. Many safety analysts argue that this piece of apparel could have a significant impact on helping reduce motorcycle accident injuries and deaths in the future.

These innovative vests pair the latest air bag technology with impact-resistant padding that has long been used to manufacture protective clothing for motorcyclists. They’re equipped with computer technology that sends a message to the vest to only inflate once it senses that a crash is imminent.

Vests like these have been available to motorcyclists for several years. Only recent ideations have been manufactured small enough to not affect a motorcyclist’s ability to operate their bike though. These vests are now sized just right to fit either over or under a motorcycle jacket with ease.

The fact that these vests have been on the market for a few years has allowed manufacturers to learn what best protects motorcyclists’ most vulnerable body parts including their necks, collarbones, ribs and spine.

One of the leading manufacturers of this type of technology right now maintains that their vest can inflate in as little as .18 seconds after being triggered. The user must activate the pull-cord on their own for this to happen though. It claims that its vest’s carbon dioxide canister will forcefully inflate the vest if a motorcyclist is ejected off their bike though.

These vests aren’t intended to be used instead of other protective gear including pants, boots, gloves and helmets. They’re meant to be used in conjunction with them.

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, especially if you’re surrounded by distracted motorists or ones traveling an excessive speed. An attorney can help you hold any negligent motorist accountable for their actions that caused you to get seriously hurt here in a crash in Sarasota or anywhere else in Florida.

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