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You can sue a property owner for your injuries.

From slips and falls to assaults in poorly lit or secured areas, there are many different ways in which you can get hurt on another person’s premises. Your medical costs can be quite high depending on the severity of your injuries. The great news is that Florida allows most individuals who get hurt on someone else’s property to file suit to recover medical costs and other accident-related expenses caused by another party’s negligence.

All business owners must make sure that their property is reasonably safe for visitors. It’s their responsibility to regularly assess their buildings and premises for any potential safety hazards. Property owners are also obligated to quickly fix any potentially dangerous situations that may be brought to their attention. If they fail to do this and someone gets hurt, then they could be accused of negligence.

Business owners have the responsibility to warn visitors to their property of potential dangers that they may need to be on the lookout for. This includes potential toxins, restricted areas of their facility, steep staircases, slippery floors, fall hazards and everything else in between. If they fail to warn of these potential hazards and someone gets hurt, then they can be sued.

One of the first questions that a Sarasota attorney will ask you if you let them know that you were hurt on someone else’s premises is what you were doing there. Your response to this question matters. If you were visiting a public office or were invited to a private location by a business owner, then you’ll likely be able to sue them for your injuries. If you were trespassing when you were injured, then you may not be able to do so.

Another question that an attorney will ask you is what you were doing at the time that you were hurt. If you were engaging in horseplay or otherwise acting negligently, then you may not be eligible to file suit against the owner of the property where you were hurt.

An attorney can review your case and let you know of your right to file suit if you were seriously injured on someone else’s property.

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