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Essential Things Your Attorney Should Do For You

Gerber Law is dedicated to seeking justice for victims injured in accidents due to the negligence of others. Founding attorney Maria Gerber prides herself on providing compassionate representation to injured individuals and aggressively pursuing clients’ claims.

After an accident, people must be informed of their rights and have a trusted advocate at their side. Ms. Gerber is a personal injury victim herself and knows firsthand about the pain and distress an accident causes to individuals and families.

Maria Gerber and her staff treat all prospective and current clients in a personal and caring manner. The following are essential attributes a lawyer should have and actions a lawyer should take when representing your interests:

  • Listen: A good lawyer will listen closely to the client’s story and be able to spot the issues and potential problems within the case to manage the claims effectively.
  • Investigate: There must be an independent investigation of the accident to discover all evidence that will support the client’s claims and arguments.
  • Document: An experienced attorney will assist clients in making sure paperwork is sufficient and organized, including repair bills, medical bills, wage stubs and police reports. The attorney should make sure quality photographs are taken of bodily injuries and property damage after an accident.
  • Analyze: Injury lawyers must be familiar with insurance coverage and medical documentation to be able to present and explain it in a comprehensive and nuanced manner.
  • Demand and negotiate: Your claim will be documented and detailed in a demand package, which will include photos, crash report, medical records, medical opinions and a factual summary. The demand package will be sent to the insurance company with a demand for compliance. The insurance company will try to minimize your claim, and a seasoned negotiator will be your best asset. Sarasota personal injury lawyer Maria Gerber is dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.
  • Flexibility: Some cases require a delicate touch, while others require aggressive advocacy. A quality injury attorney has experience applying the best legal strategies and tactics to suit each client’s unique case and facts.
  • Accessibility: Attorney Gerber prides herself on treating every client with personalized attention and compassionate service. Her staff will handle a client’s immediate needs, and she returns telephone calls promptly.

Contact Gerber Law today for a free consultation if you have been in an accident. With offices in Sarasota and Venice, Gerber Law serves the southwest coast of Florida. Call today at 866-233-4529 (4LAW).