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Dangerous and defective consumer products cause millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths every year in the United States. Products that may have defects run the gamut from defective medical devices and dangerous drugs to tainted food.

Gerber Law understands this and is committed to making sure your rights are represented Insurance companies will often back these large manufacturers, so it is important to have a law firm on your side that understands where the responsibility lies. Product liability actions can involve injuries as seemingly minor as soft tissue damage and as serious as brain trauma, spinal cord injuries and death.

Gerber Law has been operating for over 10 years with offices in Sarasota and Venice, Florida. Founding attorney Maria Gerber has the knowledge and the resources to help victims of defective products. Maria is herself a victim of a personal injury, and she understands what her clients have experienced. Defective product claims can be difficult, but Gerber Law is committed to justice for you and your loved ones.

Types Of Product Defects

A product can be defective in its design, manufacture, marketing or any combination of these. A product can also be defective if the manufacturer or distributor failed to include proper warnings on the product. Motor vehicles, component parts, appliances, tools, medical equipment and devices, toys, sports equipment, boats and other watercraft, car seats, and prescription and over-the-counter drugs are some of the most common products that can be defective and seriously harm you, your spouse, your parents and your children.

Types Of Accidents That Product Defects Can Cause

A defective product can cause many types of accidents, depending upon the type of product and its use. Motor vehicle crashes, boating and other watercraft accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution, explosions, chemical poisoning and fires can all result from defects in a product’s design, manufacture, marketing or warnings. Lead-based paint on toys and unstable high chairs hurt our children, while many people wind up in the emergency room because they ate food tainted with E. coli or salmonella.

What Injuries Can Result From Product Defects?

Accidents that cause an impact, such as motor vehicle accidents, explosions and watercraft accidents, can all cause crush injuries, soft tissue damage, brain trauma and spinal cord injuries. Watercraft accidents can also lead to oxygen deprivation and drowning.

Explosions, electrical accidents, impact accidents and fires can all cause severe burns, disfigurement, scarring and infection. Carbon monoxide poisoning causes dizziness, disorientation and nausea and is almost always fatal. Defective drugs can cause serious illness, organ failure and anaphylactic shock. Any defective product can cause death.

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