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Is Your Child Suffering Due To Birth Injuries?

Childbirth has never been considered easy and never will be. The mother faces fatigue and exertion like no other experience can place upon her. Worse yet, if medical teams are not careful, the child may suffer avoidable birth injuries upon delivery.

It is important to know your rights and take steps to hold those responsible for the damage accountable. If your child has suffered birth injuries, you need to contact Gerber Law without delay.

What Causes Birth Injuries?

Doctors and nurses often face long hours on a regular basis, which can lead to exhaustion, neglect or reliance on inexperienced staff members to take over duties. None of these reasons are excuses for causing birth injuries, though, and may be subject to high fines or penalty in a court of law.

Reasons a birth injury may occur include:

  • Mishandling: Pulling or twisting during childbirth — or mishandling medical equipment to extract the newborn — is one of the leading causes of birth injury.
  • Incorrect medication: If the mother is given inappropriate medication or administered improper dosage, the child may suffer as well.
  • Failure to monitor vital signs: Overlooking or ignoring a newborn’s vital signs for distress is a clear sign of negligence and often leads to birth injuries.
  • Brain Damage: Traumatic brain injuries can have lifelong consequences and can impact a child’s quality of life.

Gerber Law Has Decades Of Experience

Unfortunately, countless birth injuries inflicted in this country can be avoided, and all of them are ultimately expensive. Without monetary compensation, parents may be unable to get their child the medical care they need. Many birth injuries affect a child for life and you should not have to shoulder this burden alone.

If your child has suffered a birth injury due to a doctor’s negligence, we are eager to help you. When you retain us, there is no risk involved — we don’t charge you until we win.

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