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Were You Seriously Injured On Someone Else’s Property?

At Gerber Law, founding attorney Maria Gerber believes that everyone deserves a chance to receive a fair financial recovery after being wrongfully injured by someone else’s negligence.

Our firm has protected and represented the people of Sarasota, Florida, in all manner of personal injury cases, including tricky premises liability claims. When you come to us for support, you will benefit from her numerous accolades and accomplishments.

After being injured on someone else’s property, you deserve proper care. You should not have to worry about paying your medical expenses out of pocket, nor should you need to stress about missing wages while you recover. When you retain Ms. Gerber as your Sarasota and Venicepersonal injury attorney, you will be in good hands.

Negligent Property Owners Endanger Everyone

Landowners and managers alike have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment on the property or in the buildings they operate or control. Retail managers must ensure that no spills lead to dangerous slip-and-fall accidents, pet owners must be sure no visitors suffer any dog bites and so on. When they act negligently and fail to appropriately address a hazard in their home, store or place of business, they must be held accountable for any related injuries.

Hazards that commonly lead to personal injuries and premises liability claims include:

  • Inadequate lighting in dark areas
  • Damaged handrails or steps
  • Pooled water due to poor drainage systems
  • Lack of effective security measures
  • Uncontrolled animals
  • Loose wiring
  • Badly maintained equipment
  • Rug or tile damage

Call Now For Reliable Legal Advice

If you have been injured on someone else’s property and in a way that should have been preventable, you probably just want to rest and recover in peace. Having to handle a personal injury case could be the last thing on your mind, even though it is too important to entirely ignore. Rather than stressing yourself with the details, let the trustworthy personal injury law firm of Gerber Law manage your case for you.

When attorney Gerber is on your side, she will investigate all available evidence for proof that you are not liable for your injuries. She will work to resolve your issues through a fair settlement in a boardroom or by fighting for your rights in a courtroom. No matter what, Ms. Gerber wants you to be comfortable, and she is willing to go the extra mile to get you there.

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