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Claiming Negligence After A Slip, Trip Or Fall

A slip-and-fall can happen for many reasons: an unmarked wet floor, a broken staircase, poorly maintained landscaping and more. When the negligence of a property owner contributed to your fall, you may have a case to pursue legal action for your injuries.

At Gerber Law, we assist individuals who have suffered a fall in pursuing damages for their injuries. Negligence is a common cause of slip- or trip-and-fall accidents. As negligence can be complicated to prove, founding attorney Maria Gerber can leverage her two decades of personal injury law experience to give your case a distinct advantage.

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How Is Negligence Demonstrated?

To prove that negligence was the cause of your accident, each of the five elements of negligence must be proven at the time of the incident:

  1. Duty of care owed by the property owner to you, a patron or visitor
  2. A breach or violation of this duty
  3. An underlying connection between the conduct of the property owner and the resulting injuries
  4. Proximate cause, relating to whether the injuries that occurred were foreseeably preventable
  5. Damages resulting from the conduct of the property owner

Successfully proving that negligence led to your injuries can be complex and require a thorough investigation of the accident. We will provide your case with the personal attention and informed guidance it deserves to pursue the maximum damages you are eligible to receive.

Providing Compassionate And Skilled Legal Representation

Navigating Florida’s legal system can be confusing, and there could be a lot at stake if the accident caused serious injuries. Learn more about the strength of your case by receiving a free case evaluation from our office. Be sure to ask about contingency fees, which allow us to take your case and represent you without requiring any payment until we win your case.

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