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Providing aggressive advocacy to injury victims in the southwest coast of Florida for 20 years.

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Gerber Law, PA has recovered millions of dollars for accident victims.

Recent recoveries include:

$775,000. RECOVERED for accident victim who was side swiped by a truck and required spine surgery

$675,000. RECOVERED for auto accident victim who required neck surgery

$450,000. RECOVERED for bicyclist cut off by truck pulling out onto the road

$450,000. RECOVERED for pedestrian struck by golf cart

$425,000. RECOVERED for a victim who fell on a defective staircase

$365,000. RECOVERED for a slip and fall victim who required knee surgery after falling in a large box retail store

$250,000. RECOVERED (policy limits) for a motor vehicle accident victim who was T-Boned in high speed collision required back surgery

$175,000. RECOVERED for motor vehicle victim struck by another driver who rolled through a stop sign

$250,000. RECOVERED for a victim who fell after colliding with a store employee

$250,000. RECOVERED for an auto accident victim who sustained a broken wrist, and neck and back injuries

Six figure confidential policy limits for a teenager injured in a motor vehicle accident after her car was struck in the front end

Confidential settlement for policy limits for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle

$125,000. Recovered for a slip and fall on an even sidewalk

$185,000. Recovered for a slip and fall in a restaurant parking lot

$80,000. Recovered for a dog bite

“Stellar performance”

“Maria was professional, aggressive and successful. After breaking my back in a car accident, her negotiation with the insurance company was outstanding. Not only did she avoid a lengthy trial, she recovered considerably more than I expected. As a bonus, she was able to reduce the medical bills considerably. Due to this, I recovered even MORE than I expected. My life will never be the same, but at least now, I can buy the things I desperately need to make my life a little more comfortable.”

– Karen June 25, 2020