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Truck accidents are markedly different from passenger car ones

Truck-involved crashes and passenger car ones are markedly different. Cars weigh significantly less and are much smaller than 18-wheelers. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of reasons why these two types of motor vehicle accidents may have different end results though.

As you might imagine, it means something that trucks are larger and weight more than cars. If a trucker crashes into a passenger car, then the person operating the sedan or sports utility vehicle is bound to get hurt. This is especially the case if the crash happens at a high rate of speed.

The potential for severe injuries is one of the reasons that truckers are required to carry such large auto insurance policies. The coverage that trucking companies take out is often 50 times larger than a standard automobile policy that an average consumer has. This means that most truckers out there on the road here in Sarasota or elsewhere in Florida are carrying coverage totaling a million dollars or more.

While it may seem like you’d never have trouble collecting what you’re owed to cover medical bills and other expenses if you were injured in a truck crash, then think again. Health care costs, especially those associated with long term disabilities or serious injuries can be quite high. If your injuries affect your ability to work, then you may need to recover both past and future compensation. This all can add up fast.

It’s in both the insurance and truck company’s interests to deny liability to keep their settlement costs low after serious tractor-trailer accidents occur. A truck accident attorney can review the details of the crash and help you build the necessary evidence to convey why it is that you deserve compensation in your case.

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