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How To Protect Your Financial Rights In A Car Accident

When you get in a car accident, you expect your insurance company to pay for your damages. Florida’s no-fault insurance law requires that all motorists carry motor vehicle insurance. Despite this mandate, however, a staggering number of Florida drivers are either uninsured or underinsured.

Gerber Law urges all Florida drivers to obtain uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and medical payment coverage in their car insurance policies. If you are hit by a motorist, we can provide the personal, yet aggressive representation you need after an accident.

Understanding Contingency Fees

At  Gerber Law, we believe that anyone who has suffered a personal injury due to another’s negligence is entitled to justice. Deciding to pursue a legal claim after suffering a catastrophic injury is painstaking enough. You should not have the additional worry of whether you can afford an attorney.

At  Gerber Law, founding attorney Maria Gerber offers personal, yet aggressive legal representation for clients on a contingency fee basis. This ensures that everyone in need can have an attorney represent their interests, regardless of whether they have money to pay an attorney upfront.

What To Expect During Our First Meeting

Many injury victims who meet with an attorney are doing so for the first time. You may have little idea of what to expect about this process and just want to move forward with your life.

At Gerber Law, we understand the range of emotions you may be experiencing. Our founding attorney, Maria Gerber, is an accident victim herself. With a firsthand understanding of both the challenges that victims face and personal injury law, she is dedicated to being the advocate you need

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